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Although the blue blossoms are pretty, grape hyacinths have become invasive in some areas of the garden. (Photo (c) Hilda M. Morrill)

Seasonal Chores
& Observations

The hoses have been brought out of the cellar and the outside water faucets turned on.

The birdbaths have been filled and are being enjoyed by our feathered visitors.

We hear that the hummers are moving north and soon it will be time to hang up their feeder filled with home-made nectar that they love.

Once the current supply of birdseed is gone, we'll stop filling the seed feeder until the fall... Read More...

May 06, 2016

Friday, May 06 in Sandwich
National Public Gardens Day with Garden Highlights Tour - Heritage Museums & Gardens

Friday, May 06 - Saturday, May 07 in Stockbridge
Plants and Answers: The Be-a-Better-Gardener (BBG) Plant Sale

Friday, May 06 - Saturday, May 07 in Boylston
Flora's Holiday - Tower Hill Botanic Garden - Concert

Saturday, May 07 in Andover
Andover Garden Club Plant Sale

Saturday, May 07 in Milton
Annual Spring Plant Sale - Amateur Gardeners Club of Milton

Saturday, May 07 in South Norwood
Annual Plant Sale - Norwood Evening Garden Club

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Self-seeded grape hyacinths encircle pink tulips. (Photo © Hilda M. Morrill)

Gardening Tips - Good & Bad

As diligent as we all are about heeding all the gardening tips weve heard over the years, are there any that we question?

Was Grandma's advice really the best? Or has it become outdated?

The National Garden Bureau turned to its members and asked for their professional expertise on a few commonly cited tips to find out if they were still applicable in today's gardening world... Read More...


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